Rhys Dryden

A dhampir physician in Korvosa, seeing the living -- and the dead.


Rhys was born in Isger, but smuggled over the border to Andoran to protect him from being railroaded into the Cheliax war machine. Though bullied by the other children in the orphanage, he read voraciously, wanting to believe in the “good” of the tales outside his home. He took Andoran’s emphasis on freedom to heart and now seeks to live it, making his own choices for who he is and what he should be. This is also what draws him to the deities Irori and Saranrae — the freedom to improve the self.

Despite his path to self-betterment, Rhys naturally finds suspicion and hostility wherever he goes. When things get too heated, he moves on to the next town. He’s learned multiple languages on his travels, desiring to know more about what defines these societies and where he might be accepted. He makes a decent living as a doctor, or mortician as needed, when he can get a client — usually the desperate. Arriving in Korvosa before the plague, there was no end to those needing the help (if they would accept it). While many disdained him, when it was truly a matter of life or death they would become patients. Whether they were grateful afterward was another matter entirely. He’s remained in Korvosa for the time being, since he’s become established as a professional.

Rhys Dryden

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