A changeling kobold sailor from Riddleport


Character Sheet

Feats for self reference

Cat and Mouse Forgo attempting a riposte after a parry to gain a +1 dodge bonus and +2 combat maneuver checks against the opponent you parried against.

Feint, Improved Make a bluff check to feint as a move action instead of a standard action.

Quick Draw Drawing your weapon (even a hidden one) is a free action.

Vital Strike One attack may have their attack dice rolled twice and added together, plus your base attack bonus.

Abilities for self reference

Derring-do Spend one panache point to add 1d6 to an acrobatics, climb, ride, swim, fly, or escape artist check.

Dodging panache Spend one panache point to move 5ft from a melee attack and +3 dodge bonus to offending attack. Must be done while wearing light armor and with a light load, and still evokes attack of opportunity.

Opportune Parry and Riposte Spend a panache point to parry an attack. Roll as if it was an attack of opportunity, and if higher than creature’s attack, creature automatically misses. If Eandi has one panache point, she can make an attack as an immediate action, provided the creature is in reach.

Kip-up If Eandi has one panache point, she can change from prone as a move action. Spend one panache point to make this a swift action instead.

Intimidating Swordplay If Eandi has one panache point and is attacking with a light or one handed weapon, she can intimidate as a swift action.

Precise Strike Eandi, if attacking with a one-handed light weapon with no shield and has at least one panache point, can add her level to her attack. This can also apply to thrown weapons as long as the target is within 30ft. Creatures immune to sneak attack do not take the extra damage. She can spend a panache point to double her precise strike on the next attack, but must attack before the end of her turn.

Swashbuckler’s Initiative Adds +2 to init checks. She can also draw her weapon as part of the initiative check.

Nimble +1 dodge bonus while wearing light to no armor.

Charmed Life x4 4 times a day, Eandi can add her charisma modifier to a saving throw.

Weapons Training +1 to light piercing or one-handed melee weapon damage.

Finesse May use Dex modifier instead of Str modifier when making attack rolls. Also can use Cha instead of Int for combat feats.


Eandi’s parents, while unknown to her, are an ocean hag and a kobold who lived on Mediogalti island. Her father was killed right after conception, and baby Eandi was brought to the porch of a half-elven couple in Riddleport. Her adoptive parents, while quite confused, ended up taking her in as their own, treating her with patience while still remaining distant. Her parents work and live in the Free-Coin district, and have one other child, a boy named Zumran, who is 5 years older than Eandi.

During her childhood, Eandi learned that it was better for her to be fast and acrobatic rather than buff. Her brother tended to keep his distance, but would get involved if Eandi was in real danger. However, by that time, Eandi would already be hurt. So, being the small, lightweight person she was, she began to use her smallness to her advantage, and often ran off to the coast and hid where hopefully no one would find her. Eandi could never really put her finger on why, but the coast always made her feel calmer. This is perhaps why she became a sailor.

When “the call” came to her, Eandi considered going. She did like the sea, and travel interested her, but she didn’t feel like leaving yet. During her adolescence was the period of time she helped sailors and merchants at the harbor for money and tales of adventure, and the tales that went badly mixed with the amount of adventure Eandi could find in Riddleport was enough to keep her from answering the call. It wasn’t until much later that Eandi would begin to travel, hoping to find a name for herself among the seven seas as the kobold that wows the world with her art and sword.


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